Week 6 Solar Tracking


Hello everyone,

This week, the solar tracking team was able to get most of the central column and the base with the motors and gears. But, there were unexpected complications when we took it out to testing, so we will be working on fixing that on week 7. We hope to still get all hardware connections done by the end of this week so stay tuned.

Most of the team was able to get together on Friday to conduct testing with the power gains at various angles with biaxial motion. From that experiment, we were able to conclude that with the sensors that we have right now, the elevation motor is not going to yield significant power gains for our system. However, there are concerns that we will have to allow the customer to adjust the elevation angle which means we need to change our design. We are still in the process of discussing whether to go with single or dual axis for our final MVP. Our team will come to a conclusion by the middle of the week and continue to work on making this project a success.

Thank you,

-Solar Tracking 2017-2018