LIBRA Week 6 and 7


Week 6 and 7 both comprised of picking up the pace on our project.

The airplane wing and horizontal has been reinforced with fiberglass. The airplane mount has been 3D printed and we are awaiting the off-the-shelf parts for the bearing, spring, and linear rod.

The airplane mechanism parts have been purchased and the housing and the adjustments to the airplane are in the design phase. The airplane reinforcement team is switching gears to the mechanism team to get it manufactured.

The immediate steps to take is to complete the design and manufacturing of the mechanism as soon as possible. Once this is done, we need to figure out the wiring and coding of the motor in order to have the flapping of the wing and tails at 10-15Hz. After this is complete, we will mount the mechanism onto the plane and hopefully it will be ready for wind tunnel testing.

Patrick Huynh
Documentation Manager