Week 8 Drone Tethering Team – MVP Prototype

tomta9 2017-2018 Drone Tethering

Hi everyone,

As a recap from last week, the manufacturing team and the circuitry/controls team were working independently to put finishing touches to our respective designs and prepare to combine the two designs together. This week, as we finished preparing our presentation for the winter peer review, we immediately began the process of putting the reeling system together. Results came out to be very well, as the motor was able to spin both gears and the spool itself. Even as we coded the motor to spin at the lowest speed, the rotation of the spool was relatively fast, giving us the confidence that the motor could spin the gears, spool, as well as all the cable with relative ease.

Furthermore, while many of the experiments conducted this week came out positively, there were still room for improvement for both the manufacturing as well as the circuitry/controls teams. Next week, both teams will work to address these issues to improve our reeling system design as we prepare for the winter design review.

-Drone Tethering Team 2017-2018