Week 5 – Project X

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This week we have continued to improve our respective subsystem by iteration, modification, and redesign to create a functional subsystem that will be ready to be integrated into one system.

Subsystem 1: Solidworks design for attachments to the motor and the rotating star that dispenses food have been designed and are ready to be 3D printed.

Subsystem 2: The circuit board has been built, there is some trouble with the solenoid valve regulating the airflow coming in from the pump. Air needs to be regulated because the cartridge is being pressurized to dispense the fluid.

Subsystem 3:Wrapping up week five, the design entirely changed to integrate the components from the different subsystems. The location of the food container was finalized along with the design of the supplement delivery system.

Subsystem 4: Working coding inputs to generate presets that can be activated with the button layout. Has also been working on the integration of Kitcias code into the main controls, and Sandy’s solenoid firing code. Loop logic issues came up, and had to spend time analyzing and researching the pros and cons of a case statement vs a nested loop.