Spring Week 3 Project Tether XVIII – Extended Flight Time Test

tomta9 2017-2018 Drone Tethering

Hi everyone!

In the beginning of the spring quarter, the team met together to detail a schedule to successfully complete our MVP to be used by UCIPD during an emergency crisis on campus. The main tasks for the manufacturing team are to design and manufacture a tether system to be contained inside a pelican case. Issues observed from our MVP Prototype were also considered during our design of the MVP tether case. The circuitry/controls team has been working on setting up the power systems to power the drone from the ground. Once complete, the team will work to solder the parts for the tension controller for a permanent connection.

We also conducted several tests on the drone in order to determine the maximum payload of the Inspire 1 as well as whether the power systems could power the drone for an extended period of time. Results came out positive, with the Inspire 1 hovering for one hour and 5 minutes without any discernible inefficiencies.

In the next couple of weeks, both teams will come together to organize everything together into the pelican case. We will also conduct additional experiments and seek solutions to any problems that may arise.

-Project Tether XVIII