Spacecraft Thermal Management – Week 7

WilliamJo 2017-2018 Spacecraft Thermal Systems

UPDATES From Week 4 – Week 6

Hello Again,

The Thermal Spacecraft Team has major updates since last time!

Congratulations to the Tungsten Oxide Team, one of their slides managed to change color during an experimental test run last week! The test run conducted this week was more observation based rather than experimental. The testing team will hope to continue data acquisition testing next week with both NiO and WO and hope to see results!

The NiO team’s focus for the past few weeks were to determine the most effective order of mixing solutions for the chemical bath deposition, spinning rate, and slide position. Findings from previous weeks allowed them to develop greater confidence in setting spinning rates, slide positioning and a greater understanding of vortex development with respect to spinning rate and stir bar size. Last week, they found the optimal deposition method thus far for room temperature conditions. Great importance is attributed to the slide angle in CBD with respect to the developed vortex and particle flow, as well as the mixing order of the solutions.

The testing team performed an inventory check to see the parts that we need and what we have for the potentiostat. They have received all the parts for the potentiostat except the board, we will be making a mock board to simulate the process of building an actual potentiostat. They also modeled and made a half-cell to hold up the film and electrode inside the chemical mixtures while testing. We also tested tungsten films on last Friday which came out terrific. Lastly we had a product realization document which we all helped organize and produce. Finally, the polarity switcher is completely done and functional to use. We would like to thank William Jo’s father, Johan Jo, for helping us complete the polarity switcher and for his advice and support.

We hope to see you soon!

Compiled by William Jo