FSAE Electric Racecar Spring Week 6: Testing

Christopher Chen 2017-2018, 2017-2018 FSAE Electric Racecar

Last week, we were able to test the car. A running car is a major step for the FSAE Electric Racecar team. Comparing schedules, we are significantly ahead of last year’s racecar. At the rate that the car is improving, the FSAE Electric Racecar is in a good position to meet our goal of placing in the top 5 at competition this year.

During the testing, we found a number of problems. They were all small issues that will be quick to fix. For example, we found our throttle curve made it difficult for the driver to control the speed of the car. This will be corrected with the software. After the problems have been corrected, we will continue manufacturing and working towards a tech ready car. We plan to continue testing and improving the car for the rest of the quarter.