FSAE Electric Racecar Spring Week 4: Energy Invitational

Christopher Chen 2017-2018, 2017-2018 FSAE Electric Racecar

Over the last three weeks, the FSAE Electric Racecar team has been helping run the UCI Energy Invitational. The Energy Invitational is a competition that challenges local high schools to develop a car that only uses a dollar worth of energy over an hour-long race. The car that travels the furthest without exceeding the time or energy limits is crowned the winner. The goal of the Energy Invitational is to encourage high school students to enter engineering and to prepare them for meaningful careers. As the high school students build their cars, they learn and use physics, engineering, and materials science concepts. They also are encouraged to use technologies such as CAD and 3d printing as they design their cars.

Helping with the Energy Invitational allows FSAE Electric Racecar members a chance to apply their knowledge and give back to the community. Because they are required to inspect and judge racecars, FSAE Electric Racecar members need to be able to explain and apply engineering and vehicle dynamic principals. Additionally, they serve as both models and teachers for future engineers, showing and teaching high school students engineering.