FSAE Electric Racecar Spring Week 3: Manufacturing

Christopher Chen 2017-2018, 2017-2018 FSAE Electric Racecar

For the last few weeks, the FSAE Electric Racecar team has been working towards a fully “tech ready” car. At competition, all cars are inspected to ensure they are rules compliant and safe to drive. A “tech ready” car is one that is able to pass both electrical and mechanical inspection at competition. This is a significant challenge because there are over a thousand rules that we must follow. Additionally, the inspectors can reject any car they feel is unsafe. This results in only one out of every three electric racecars passing inspection.

Currently our car is waiting for several parts to be sent to us. Once they arrive, we will assemble and verify them. Our current goal is to finish manufacturing by the end of May. While we finish manufacturing, we will begin testing the various parts of the car. We have already started testing all of our electronic systems and once we have a running car in the next week or two, we will begin testing the mechanical systems.