Flapping Wing Micro-Air Vehicle – Spring Week 8

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We’ve only about 2 weeks away from finals! Our team is continuing to make progress towards our quarter goals.

Here’s what we’ve done this week:

The mechanical design team is still improving the new ULB mechanism design and ordering the new materials. For our other mechanism, we 3D-printed our base designs but found that the material kept fracturing because of the support material. Three new redesigns of the model have been made, and we also 3D printed new base holders for machining purposes. The same type of holders were designed for the linkages, which were tested a second time.

The quadflapper team did research on testing agility and maneuverability, and came up with a new approach for testing. More research on the blackbox, and testing have been done.

The systems ID team continues to refine the CAD models and build the experimental setup.