Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle – Spring Week 5

whoo 2017-2018 Flapping MAV

We’re halfway into the spring quarter! I hope everyone is making good progress in their projects, as we have in our FWMAV team.

Here are our accomplishments for week 5:

The mechanical team has redesigned one of our mechanisms with a new gear system and new linkages. The CAD models are done, and we have 3D-printed the new gears to test them out. For our other mechanism, we have also finished the 3D model and have found two potentially suitable shafts for gear pins. We have also maximized our wing angle range with the new linkages. We will be testing the new linkages out on our current prototype soon.

The quadflapper team has been developing structure improvements. We bought new circular carbon rods to experiment, and redesigned the base and wing mounts for the new carbon structure. We are currently troubleshooting PID problems.

The systems identification team has assigned each member to new roles. We have completed the structure design for our experimental setup and have started ordering the materials. We have also designed our own fan with a dc motor. Coming up next week, we will start fabrication and training for the experiments.