Elena_Vazquez 2015-2016 Exosuit

Testing and Prototyping

Exosuit had its first review meeting for the winter quarter to showcase the progress.
We were able to gain great suggestions and guidance to make the project a success despite the obstacles that had presented in our way.
Currently we contacted some companies that are willing to provide samples of the different materials we believe suitable for the project. Given our reduced budget, we must be strict on the purchases that are made and the materials that can be donated.
We will be testing different materials this week leading to our final decision on the materials that will form Exosuit 2.0

Our team consists of few individuals with great creativity and capabilities allowing us to solve many of our obstacles in clever ways. All of the members have been exposed to industry in search for sponsorship thus, allowing us to develop our professional skills through experience.

We look forward to working hard this upcoming weeks to have a working project to display at the end of this quarter.