EngineerAlvara 2015-2016 Exosuit, Competition

Our group, Exosuit, has been seeking out different avenues of display to showcase our completed soft robotic upper body exosuit for rehabilitation and military uses. In doing this we have found that robotic competitions are more suitable for our end goal of taking the finished product to market.

We are confident in our ability to perform well and win at the national level with competitions such as Wearable Robotics Competition, NASA Robotics Challenge, RESHAPE 16 Wearable Competition, and Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup.

Some of the challenges that we are confronted with when competing at these competitions are that we are minimally funded. This, lending to the fact that we may be the underdog in a professionally and nationally oriented competition, will become somewhat of a disguised benefit in that we will be forced to discover fiscally responsible solutions to our problems.

Being soft robotic in nature, our project is not only rooted in a currently novel field but nuanced enough to mean that we will not be provided much help, as most traditional mechanics and exosuits are not soft in nature. This challenge will allow us to see the problem from a different perspective and develop methods that are fundamentally different from most other perspectives of exosuit development.

Together our team will develop methods for overcoming these challenges in new and creative ways.Each of these challenges will provide specific avenues of restriction for our solution but, in the end, will prepare our team for a great experience and a hard fought win at the professional and national level.