BAJA SAE Racecar Week 9

Andres Olmedo 2017-2018, 2017-2018 BAJA SAE Racecar

We have a running car!

At long last, Marauder is up and running. This Saturday we borrowed Lot 16H to determine its turning radius and get an estimate of its top speed. We have a lot more work to do to improve both values, but we accomplished a lot in preparation for testing at the track: we fixed the brake calipers so that they no longer rub on the rotors, added Loctite® to the caliper bolts and engine bolts, added safety wire to the engine bolts, added cotter pins to the wheel castle nuts, and discussed the placement of the driver kill switch.

We’re hoping to add the new Sparkboa gearbox and paneling by the start of Spring quarter.