BAJA SAE Racecar Week 2

Andres Olmedo 2017-2018, 2017-2018 BAJA SAE Racecar

We finally have a practice track!

Thanks to Professor Walter and the school, team Marauder has a place to use as a practice track again. A group of team members were up bright and early today at Shady Tree (behind the ARC) to get some ditches and logs set up to put Marauder through its paces once it’s tech-ready. Since Shady Tree is a dirt field with inclines, bends, logs, and rocks, it’s a much better approximation than the tarmac Lot 16H was of the real tracks that will be used for the endurance, rock-crawling, and maneuverability events at BAJA SAE Oregon.

Now, we’re in the process of having testing procedures written up and approved so we can get the most benefit from the track.